How it all started…

As a practicing Speech Pathologist, trained in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, Michelle Lee (Creator and Founder of Mouth Gym) realised her clients regularly needed a little extra help to remember their homework exercises after each therapy session. She also noticed when clients were lacking motivation to do their daily exercises which in turn meant slower therapy progress.

When talking to other colleagues and other industry professionals, Michelle realised this was and industry wide issue and decided to do something about it.

The beginning of Mouth Gym!

Determined to solve the problem and help her clients and fellow industry professionals, she envisioned a fun and interactive online tool that would help clients remember their myofunctional exercises, and a progress chart to motivate clients to do their homework which would also be a statistical tool for professionals to measure progress.

After intense planning, the camera started rolling, web development began and Mouth Gym was born.

It is all about fun.

All homework exercise programs were created using cartoon video demonstrations with silly names to cater for all ages. Since its creation, the program continues to live by playful & fun vibrations to keep both professionals and clients motivated to enjoy the quirky yet very important myofunctional exercises.

Being playful in essence & making funny faces is what Mouth Gym is all about. “Why not have fun when exercising your lips, cheeks, jaw & tongue!” says Michelle.

What started as desire to help clients achieve the best therapy results they could, has now grown into a platform for health professionals to both learn myofunctional therapy skills specific to their practice, and to further improve their therapy results by keeping their clients engaged and accountable.

Mouth Gym is now a worldwide platform providing interactive orofacial homework exercises between clinician & client online!